Four Common Web Design Mistakes That Are Scaring Away Your Customers

Your website is your online shop window and brand ambassador. In a physical shop, if people mistrust your brand, staff or business, they are not going to buy unless they have no option. Likewise, people must trust your website in order to make a purchase. So, are you curious what possible things about your website could scare away your potential buyers?


Four Advantages of Getting SEO Services for Your Business in Alberta

In modern business, online marketing is exceptionally important if you want to run a successful venture. One of the central tactics shared by all prominent online businesses is good SEO, which can help your company’s name appear higher in search results than what would traditionally be possible. SEO services, such as Branding First Inc., should be one of the first ports of call for any business in Alberta, whether you’re just setting up or are well-established, and want to stay competitive with modern businesses.

Expanding Marketing in Alberta: Beware When Going for a New Niche

All businesses dream about expanding their reach and market shares. Most companies would prefer to take customers from their competitors, and in an ideal world, that is the most productive route to take. On the other hand, some would rather invest in winning over demographics that are not usually interested in their products. This is far from a fruitless endeavor as it can work to great effect. For example, the My Little Pony brand broke through to young men and created the so-called “Bronies” craze. Still, winning over demographics that are not generally interested in the product can be very difficult. What does this mean for companies in Alberta that try to expand their reach by marketing to new niches?

Marketing in Alberta: Will Laddering Help a Company Create a Good USP?

Many marketing companies, whether in Red Deer or elsewhere, use a range of techniques to attract new customers, gain new leads, promote brands, and disseminate brand principles. All of this effort is focused on a certain segment of the population that is known as the target audience or target consumer. These are the people that are most likely to want or need the products or services to be offered, as well as the ones most likely to purchase said products or services.

See the Difference Our Alberta SEO Services Can Make for Your Business

The internet has levelled the playing field in the marketing world. These days, small and medium-sized businesses can connect with just as many people as their larger competitors. Whether you’re a dentist, landscaper, massage therapist, restaurateur, or anything else, you can effectively use the internet as a business development tool through our SEO services Alberta marketing company Branding First Inc. Here are some of the services we provide:

Social Media Optimisation (SMO). Social media is a cost-effective tool you can use to keep in touch with your customers. Posting timely and engaging updates not only helps you maintain their interest, but it also raises awareness among their friends or fans. If you don’t have spare time to share relevant posts or engage with your audience in social media, we’re here to do it for you.

How Online Alberta Marketing Helps Grow Small-Medium Sized Businesses

When it comes to business development in Alberta, internet marketing should be among the very first areas to invest in. According to statistics by market research experts, about 93% of Canadian search for product information online. Therefore, a strong online presence can significantly enhance your brand exposure, drive more traffic to your online marketing assets which would in turn boost your sales. We at Branding First Inc. are pleased to offer a diverse range of internet marketing products and services that can help small- and medium-sized local businesses reach their full potential.

Internet marketing is perhaps one of the most cost-effective and affordable marketing investments these days; it can even provide better returns than traditional methods. For a few hundred bucks each month, you can reach thousands of people and interact with existing and prospective customers for a more stable market base, upping your conversion rate.

Red Deer Web Design: Implementing AIDA to Improve Website Appearance

When search engine users visit a website, one of the things they will notice and will entice them to stay on a particular page is its overall design. Your business website’s graphic design is one of the most important aspect of your marketing. The layout, the colours, the fonts and image must complement each other. Fortunately, with the help of Red Deer web design experts, there are simple ways you can improve your website’s overall look and design.

Utilizing the AIDA Model

Having a trendy and great-looking website will be won’t do you good if it’s not able to convert prospective customers into actual ones due to bad web design. When designing a website for your business, you may consider applying a marketing model known as the AIDA model.