Four Common Web Design Mistakes That Are Scaring Away Your Customers

Your website is your online shop window and brand ambassador. In a physical shop, if people mistrust your brand, staff or business, they are not going to buy unless they have no option. Likewise, people must trust your website in order to make a purchase. So, are you curious what possible things about your website could scare away your potential buyers?


Red Deer Web Design: Implementing AIDA to Improve Website Appearance

When search engine users visit a website, one of the things they will notice and will entice them to stay on a particular page is its overall design. Your business website’s graphic design is one of the most important aspect of your marketing. The layout, the colours, the fonts and image must complement each other. Fortunately, with the help of Red Deer web design experts, there are simple ways you can improve your website’s overall look and design.

Utilizing the AIDA Model

Having a trendy and great-looking website will be won’t do you good if it’s not able to convert prospective customers into actual ones due to bad web design. When designing a website for your business, you may consider applying a marketing model known as the AIDA model.